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White oranda 7.5
Black oranda 10-11 cm
Black oranda 11-12 cm
Black ranchu 5-6 cm
Royal turquoise discus
Red stone discus
Red dragon discus

Indian fern
Crypt balansae
Crypt retro spirallis
Crypt tropica
Elodea densa
Elodea najas
Hygro wall folia narrowleaf
Lobelia cardinalis
Java fern large
Java fern narrow
Anubias barteri round leaf
Anubias barteri diamon
Anubias barteri striped
Anubias barteri wrinkle leaf
Anubias coffefolia
Anubias minima
Anubias nana
Anubias golden
Anubias species short and sharp
Bolbitis baby leaf
Echinodorus fancy twist
Juncus repens

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3,998 Posts
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Hello yes I was going g to post
Xmas eve 10-4
Closed Xmas
Open Boxing Day
Closed Sunday 27th
Closed Monday 28th as usual
Tues, Wednesday, Thursday 10-4
Closed New Year's Day.
Thrn back to normal

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