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I placed an order, but not just any ordinary order... it's a gigantic one, full of many wonderful fishes :p

This order is scheduled to arrive March 23rd. These fish aren't confirmed, but I'm hoping they all arrive! I'll update when the order is received and let you know what didn't ship.

25 assorted female guppy
25 bronze tuxedo male guppy
25 platinum blue male guppy
30 assorted platy
30 red tail crystal platy
30 gold red top comet platy
30 half red bee platy
20 assorted swordtail
25 red calico swordtail
25 golden swordtail
25 white albino swordtail
25 koi kohaku swordtail
25 koi sanke swordtail
25 black molly
25 marble molly
25 gold dust molly
25 silver molly
25 red leopard molly
12 assorted lyretail sailfin molly
30 cherry spot rasbora
13 black lace angelfish sm
6 black lace angelfish lrg
3 marble angelfish lrg
3 golden zebra angelfish lrg
3 koi angelfish lrg
4 assorted diamond veiltail angelfish xl
15 siamese glass fish
55 neon tetra medium
33 neon tetra xl
30 diamond head neon tetra
30 cardinal tetra
33 red tetra
25 albino glowlight tetra
25 lemon tetra
25 pretty tetra
25 penguin tetra
20 congo tetra
20 rummynose tetra
15 colombian tetra
30 gold tetra
40 ember tetra
35 blue tetra
15 albino tiger barb
15 ruby barb
10 neon longfin rosy barb male
10 filament barb
13 red rhombo barb
15 blood red dwarf gourami
5 pearl gourami
5 thick lipped gourami male
15 croaking gourami
10 leopard ctenopoma
13 assorted corydora
13 malaya glass catfish
15 featherfin synodontis
10 indo flying fox
10 red rainbowfish
10 parkinsoni rainbowfish
30 threadfin rainbowfish
25 forktail rainbowfish
30 spotted blue eye rainbowfish
40 harlequin rasbora
40 mosquito rasbora
25 blue axelrodi
15 german blue ram cichlid
15 gold ram cichlid
15 agassizi dwarf cichlid
3 pigeon blood discus 5cm
3 blue diamond discus 5cm
3 golden discus 5cm
3 checkerboard discus 5cm
3 golden sunrise discus 5cm
13 clown loach 5cm
4 longfin parrot cichlid
13 assorted fantail goldfish
13 shubunkin goldfish
8 assorted lionhead goldfish
15 assorted telescope eye goldfish
13 assorted ryukin goldfish

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Hey guys,

So we had a lot of DOA fish with this order. Pretty sad. We lost a ton of mollies and some swords, but there's still some that I am sure will be fine. The two koi swordtail types came in looking decent and none were lost! The discus are recovering well and most other fish are ok. It's weird because only some types of fish were affected. I'll be checking in tomorrow to see how all the fish are doing and will let you guys know. I'd wait another few days before coming in to grab anything, just to make sure the fish are happy and healthy. I'll be taking photos of everything when I'm in again on Saturday. Here's some low quality discus photos though.... Upside down I'm sorry haha. Some really nice golden and golden sunrise!

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Hey guys,
I'd wait another few days before coming in to grab anything, just to make sure the fish are happy and healthy.
So very sad to hear about the shipment situation. But your advice to wait before buying from you is such a great sign of an ethical pet store. Thank you. It would be worth coming over the Port Gouge Bridge to visit your store. :)
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