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Incoming shipment. Jan 28th

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Incoming shipment
Assorted guppies
Yellow halfmoon betta grade A
Green glass guppy pairs
Multicolour neon guppy pairs
Venezuela Endlers pairs
Green comet swordtails
Koi sword sanke
Emperor tetra
Black phantom
Long fin rosy barb male
Pink kissing gourami
Albino Cory
Blue Cory aneus
Pepper Cory
Green Cory brochis splenden
Sterbai Cory
Siamese algae eater
Forktail rainbow
Mosquito rasbora. Hoping...
Galaxy rasbora
Bolivian ram
Titanium guppy
Assorted red eye guppy
Tiger shrimp
Assorted plants

As usual some may not ship.
Confirm on arrival thanks

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Sanke is basically Showa right (red, white with black)? I hope they ship!

April, have you ever seen albino cherry barbs on your lists?

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Hopefully next week for pygmys. . I have two shipments to choose from
I believe I saw the albino Cherry barbs. Depending how many I have to get
Yes sanke are the spotty koi looking swords. My favourite

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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