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Incoming shipment tomorrow December 17th

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Butterfly halfmoon bettas q
Double tail Male betta XL
Giant short tail male bettas
aura blue shrimp
Orange Sakura shrimp
Fire red shrimp
Pink grass mosaic male guppies
Blac& lion head goldfish

Next week December 23rd
Plants -many
Large black orandas
Black ranchus
Discus as long as all ship.

Lots of Xmas flowers . 2.00 off with fish or supply sales
Poinsettias, amaryllis, orchids, little trees, etc.
do your fidh shopping and Xmas shopping all in one stop!
Buy some fish..bring flowers to the other half .

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Fish are unloaded. Limited koi bettas, 5 so early bird gets the koi.
Giant bettas in, there's some beautiful half ions some white, yellow ,
Marbles etc.
Also received red
Crayfish and blue crayfish
Fire red shrimp, aura blue, and orange Sakura.

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