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Tonight..Thursday sept 24th
Sushi shrimp -we shall see what they are when they arrive! Looked like Dili to me...on Google
Fire red shrimp
Orange Sakura shrimp
Aura blue shrimp
Black oranda
Mixed oranda head growth
Red glass guppies
Blue guppies
And 100 plants.

Monday night sept 28th
German ram
Orange head ram
Rummy nose
Clown loaches
Zebra loaches
Super delta bettas
Red and white oranda
Black orandas, head growth
Pearl scale orandas
Bubble eye goldfish calico and assorted
Albino red eye Angels
Glass snake guppy
Super white guppy male and female
Orange shrimp
Orange rili shrimp
Yellow shrimp
Strawberry micro rasbora Nevis
Also hopefully humphead glass fish -preordered .for the humphead fancier!

These two orders are from Thailand so had to get the goldfish in .
Next order Singapore for more tropicals.

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Hi April, do you still have any apistogramma borelli's left?
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