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Also lava rock box.
And driftwood and spec tanks arriving next week. 5 gallon specs.
We are offering preplanted ans cycled specs . Preorder and Karen the aquascaping specialiT will design.

Plant list
Anubias coffeefolia 1 only
Anubias petite
Staurogyne repens 12
Crypt albida brown
Crypt crispulata new
Java narrow
Java trident
Ludwiga palustris
Sagitsria subulata
Pogostemon erectus
Monosorium tenerum
Limnopjilia hippidoides
Lobelia cArdinalis
Monte Carlo 12
Bacopa compacta
Lileopsis brasilensis
Limnophila sessiflora
Altersnthera reinicki mini
Eleocharis acularis mini
Hudrocoytle tripartia
Helianthemim tenellus green

Note any misspelling blame it on my iPhone! She tried to help.

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Hi April - I'd like to come back in again for the A. Coffeefolia, but I don't think I'll be able to get out to the store until the weekend. See you then!
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