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Is it safe to use Descaling Solution on a CO2 diffuser?

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It's a bit of a long story: I'm not sure how, but 2 days ago I discovered my CO2 tubing and my CO2 diffuser were clogged with what is likely calcium build up.

It's annoying because the diffuser is only a month old and up to just 2 days ago it was working awesome. Now, even with 50-60 PSI I can't get CO2 through it. The surface of the stone is very clean so I believe it's something behind it.

I tried soaking the diffuser in vinegar for 24 hours but it has not made a difference. I'm wondering if something stronger like a descaling solution (for use in coffee machines) will be more effective or whether it will damage the diffuser. I haven't been able to find any information on it online.

I'm also wondering if say using some Seachem Acid Buffer (Sodium Bisulfate NaHSO4) might be effective - I know there used to be some chemistry guys in here.
Needless to say, I've already ordered new clear co2 tubing, one way check valve, and a back up diffuser.

The diffuser is an Aquario Neo Mixer - so the diffuser stone is attached to an acrylic tube.

Hoping to get some help soon as no CO2 = very bad for my plants. Thanks in advance!

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I believe most coffee de-scalers are citric acid based...if vinegar doesn't work for you I don't think a descaler would fare much better. The only other thing I would suggest would be adding some temperature to the vinegar while you are soaking the stone. Oh and if you can get some suction on the stone that might help free up some build-up rather than trying to push it through the holes in the stone.
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