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I have had a 75-gallon tank with SA Cichlids for about 3 months now.

We have two adult JDs
2 juvenile JDs
1 white devil
2 Banded Cichlids
1 MIA Bumble Bee Cat ( he is sneaky)
1 Geophagous (he is our newest addition

Over the past week our two adult JDs became a mated pair of Jack Dempseys and they have subsequently just had 500 or so fry.

I have done some research and I know that for the sank of the health and stress of the group I should remove the fry and mated pair OR move the rest of the fish friends to another tank. Which thankfully we have another one!

My Question:
Should I separate the other fish and put them in a new tank?
Should I try to catch as many babies as I can and mover the mates?

Any advice would be appreciated! The second month I got them they all got ick (we survived that) but NOW its babies that are causing a lot of the stress. :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
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