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Just Check'n In!

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here, but not to fish keeping. Although, I've been tankless for about 8 years now. I know, shameful!

I live in Kelowna, BC, with my ever patient wife and two awesome teenage girls.

I'm 47 years old and addicted to mbuna! I guess the only thing to do is get another tank go'n with a mob of them! ;) Still just trying to convince my wife that I really won't go overboard this time around...:lol: When I had them last, I was selling more to the stores than I ever bought! hehe

As a kid, I had at one time about 6 tanks go'n at once and dug my own koi pond, with cheap help from friends and family. Hey, no one complained too much!

Oh ya, and I found you by just researching online about my addiction.

Happy New Year,
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welcome to BCA

I think most people are away as it is the New Year.
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