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Got a stock tank here in Richmond with Some fish for sale
Fish for sale list
Butterfly Platinum Ogon(purewhite/silver)$35(domestic stock)Sold!!!
Gin Rin Ogon(glimmering gold)$25(japanese brood imported from israel)sold!!!
Doitsu Kurasugoi(black)$25(japanese brood imported from israel)
Kohaku (white fish red Back)$16(domestic stock)
Ginrin platinum ogon(glimering white)$16(domestic stock)
Kikokuryu(Gray in pic looks black)$16(domestic stock)
shubunkin gold fish $6 each 10 for both Water Underwater Aqua Fin Marine biology
Water Liquid Blue Koi Azure
Water Liquid Dishware Azure Fluid
Water Liquid Underwater Insect Fin

all comets are 2 bucks big boys are 3
for videos and more pics
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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