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Received a new Betta shipment last night.

Red Dragons, Blue Dragons, Black Smoke Crowntails, Black Halfmoons, Crowntails, Super Deltas, and mixed Halfmoons. We also brought in some Jumbo mixed males to test the response.

Other highlights are very exciting! Last week we imported some Neon Jewel Cichlids, very nice coloring, see below:

Electric Blue Rams also, a great shipment with fantastic color:

The most stunning however is the fantastic pair of Betta macrostoma, these have to be seen to be believed. The male is 3" plus! Photo is of the male only, female is of equal size. These are only in the Burnaby location and for now we have only brought in one pair. They are available for $299.99 for the pair. A great price for a very rare Betta pair.

Also available are more pairs of Betta channoides pairs available at both locations!:D
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