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Draining is required in Vancouver. According to the City of Vancouver by-law the water service shall be a minimum of 0.6 m depth (interpretation: the water main must be 0.6 m below ground level or it is subject to freezing). So portions of your sprinkler system that are above 0.6m depth are susceptible to freezing.

You can get a drain valve: Rain Bird Filtered Drain Valve
This one is very basic. Once the water pressure is below a certain level (i.e. the water turns off) it will drain all your mains. You'll need a gravel pit below it so the water drains into the gravel, rather then puddles by the valve, and potentially create a pot hole. The down side, i guess, is the everytime the water turns off it'll drain all the pipes above the drain level (so you might be wasting a lot of water if you are watering twice a week and it drains every time).

Home depots version:
WaterMaster - 3/4 In. Plastic Auto-drain Valve - 94362 - Home Depot Canada

Also if you get this make sure that you're water pressure is in the acceptable range. If the water pressure is too low, all the water will end up draining through the drain valve (although i guess you'll know right a way if it didn't work... no water!).

Another way (manual) is to have a drain installed with a valve. You open the valve it'll drain all the water in the mains. Pros of this is that you don't waste water, cons is that you have to remember to do it before the winter.

Both methods kind of requires you to know what the existing system layout is (location of the back flow preventor, check valves, and other valves, so that you are sure that the entire system gets drained propery), and then modify it... If you are not 100% sure I suggest you call a local installer up, and see what he recommends.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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