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Is it a brownish layer (brown algae or diatoms, common in newish tanks)? A slimey white layer (bacteria or fungus)? Or a bluey-greeny slimey layer (cyanobacteria)? Or, did you spill food into the tank and could it be rotting? Was the gunk there before you cleaned your tank and it has reappeared, or is this a first time thing?

If it's the brownish algae/diatoms, then it's nothing to worry about, your catfish won't mind it. You can add some otocinclus if they're not so small that they'll be eaten. Sometimes cleaning your tank can cause the appearance of a harmless fungus called Ascomycetes, which will go away. It loves to hang around on rocks and leaves. That fungus is usually whitish.

Did you happen to add a product called Sera BioNitrivec? It contains volcanic ash which settles out onto the substrate. Also harmless.

Sorry about all the questions!
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