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So I bought 2 aquaflora HC from Pat 4.5months ago and decided to be lazy and priceless.

Dry Start:
  • Wide open, no wrapping to conserve water
  • Just enough water to keep substrate wet, no film of water above substrate
  • Spray a few times a day, on substrate, not directly on HC
  • No lighting used at all, just SUNLIGHT O_O next to the window in Vancouvers spring/summer weather (too cheap :( )

  • Never had fungus or algae issue the entire process
  • Probably took longer to grow than those that uses actual lighting vs Vancouver's groomy april/may
  • Took 4 months before I decided to flood

Day 2 - Planted:
Day 2.jpg

Day 15:
Day 15.jpg

Day 30:
1 month.jpg

Two months:
2 months.jpg
There was a week of heat wave that hit Vancouver and I didn't water enough hence some bits of dried leaves.

Four months and a half, submerged for a week:
Partial yellowing of some leaves due to emersed to submerged form

  • Please ignore the plastic divider. Its just to separate the dwarf hairgrass with the HC. The DHG isn't mine just growing it for boyfriend.
  • Had to temporary hold an adult male ABNP in there and it wrecked the tank, hence the exposure of some HC roots


  • Fluval stratum and the filter that came with the ebi. Added an additional sponge in the slits for shrimp safety.
  • Fluval lighting 13W (will change some time soon ~25W+)
  • EI Dosing
  • 20 oz empire paintball CO2 tank 1.5bubbles / sec

I'll update and take a pic of the entire tank after I remove a breeder box that is blocking the tank
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