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Leleupi breeders F/S, Vancouver delivery

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I am selling 2 breeding pairs of Neolamprologus Leleupi @ $30 a pair
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ok here is a pic with the female apfront and the male hiding

and here is the two of them side by side,like I said is very hard to get them to pose for me.
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I also have for sale a pair of wild cought Lepidiolamprologus Lemairi breeders for $ 80 or 4 young about 2inch insize @ $15 each. Please PM if interested.
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This is a Lepidiolamprologus Lemairi male,one of the very RARE , COOL fish of Lake Tanganyika.IOAN
im in victoria.... do you come down island often? i would take a breeding pair of you if you do...
I have a friend that goes that way often, so I will check with him if he will deliver the fish to you.I will let you know. Thanx. IOAN
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