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LF: 110 gallon tank 48x18x30 or close to this whatever a 110 is

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looking for 110 gallon tank in good condition 48x18x30 tall or close to this whatever a 110 is I have a 80 gallon oceanic I can trade with some cash msg me thanks
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Try PM'ing botzhouse I know he has a 110 I think it's for sale
thanks alot
hrmm his is too long oh well
seems to me the dimensions you are looking for are not 110g..
my 110g is 48x18x30..
Adrian's calculation is correct. 110g is 48X18X30. The dimensions stated is for a 90g roughly. 90g is 48X18X24.
ok im looking for 48x18x30 thanks
I have a 90g sitting around. I'll measure it for you when I get home, and hopefully it's in those dimensions.
I have a 43 x 30 x 21 tall with canopy and stand ( stand is 48 wide )if interested :)

Im trying just to get a taller tank but if the price is right and tank is nice thanks for the info everyone my existing tank is very nice its oceanic built in 08 so not too old just too low for me its 21" high I saw one at rogers that I might look at again just a little pricey for me right now
how much would a 110g (48X18X30) go for $$$? just tank? new and used

looking to get a 100+gallon in the future like after summer

got new tank from Rogers aquatics please close thread thanks
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