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LF: 2.2lb bags of carnivore sinking pellets

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Don't know if this is where I should post this but the title says it all. I'm looking for 2 bags of 2.2lb sinking carnivore pellets

604-518-zero20 six
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He's got nothing. Thanks though
Nobody? I'm runnin low!!!
That's very kind but mission is a little far I'd probably buy some super overpriced from my local store if it comes down to it. My Rays eat about 2 handfuls a day
Try - taxes are included in their pricing.
Thank you! I paid 71 a bag and I usually pay 65 ish with free shipping to my PO box in the states. I picked up 9lb :)
Now I'll be looking to sell a 2.2pb bag for 75 to help with my gas to get over to the states.
Mike is sold out. I should have enough now to last until my shipment comes. Thanks though
1 - 7 of 11 Posts
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