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Hi fellow Members:

I had a unfortunate run in with Dererk128. I bought what was sold to me as a 30 gal Eclipse system only to find when my friend delivered it to me that the lighting system was missing....Derek will not let me take it back and has become quite the scum bag over the whole thing. The place that my friend picked up the tank at has been sold and the phone if anyone has this unit that is parting out the light...please PM me....NEVER DEAL WITH DEREK128

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Hi Kirkdgxp,

I can probably help you out if it's the 24 inch wide system, but not if it's the 30 inch wide system.

Sorry to hear about your misfortune. Eclipse systems are great but you really do have to have all the parts.

Although I don't have a 30 inch Eclipse hood, I do have a flourescent light strip for a 30 inch tank if you'd like to have that. You might be able to sit it on a length of glass. It's yours for free if it would help you.

Edited to add: I now see the original post for this tank and it's a 30 inch tank. Sounds like you might have the hood but not the lights that go into it? How unusual! I didn't even know that these lights could be removed. BigAlsOnline sells the complete lamp assembly for the Eclipse 3 but it's not cheap -- $97. Very sorry.
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