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LF: AC110 media, one piece canopy or glass lid 48" X 16", air pump, led lights


I'm new to this forum.

I'm trying to get back into raising fish, I just bought a Hagen 80 gallon and planning to raise tanganyika cichlids, but I need to get everything for it.

If anyone is selling any of the items listed below, please let me know.

AC110 media

A once piece canopy or glass lid that would fit 48" x 16" frame, the reason for a one piece is because the aquarium has no braces

Led lights (if any one has marineland 48" double brights for cheap or similar)

Air pump that will be sufficient for this tank

Any salts, or chemicals to start up and maintain the tank

cleaning supplies and anything else that will help me get started

Also I would need some fish, if anyone knows of any great local breeders that I can buy some fry from.

Thank you so much,

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