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LF: algae eater

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Looking for siamese algae eaters, otocinclus, or flying fox, just need one. Thanks!
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champion QH:
Be careful with Oto cats together with Discus. Often they're ok, but occasionally one or more will take a liking to Discus' slime coats as part of their diet. I've had that experience - twice - no more Otos in my discus tank!
Emile, thanks for your input. what kind of algae eater you recommend for discus/angels tank?
The ottos and discus slime coat is a valid warning but in my experience, its not that big a problem, the discus shake the ottos off pretty easily and at least in my case, its never stressed the discus out.

You could try bristlenoses with Discus. I have a few in my discus tanks with no problems whatsoever
Agree with josephl. BN's are good with discus. Also, SAE's (siamese algae eaters) - take care not to get CAE's, (chinese algae eaters), which I understand can grow quite large and be aggressive. Flying Foxes should be okay - they're very similar to SAE's, but the dark lateral line ends before the tail, whereas in SAE's, the same line extends into the tail.
thanks guys. I edited my post. Hope I can get one soon.
Island Pets Unlimited has some SAE's at the Burnaby store for like $2.99 each, got a couple a couple weeks ago and thee guys are eating machines. I recommend getting 2 as they seem to always be together, maybe its just the 2 I got lol either way good fish for the job
thanks for the info, I will check it out soon.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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