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LF : cheap sinking pellets fish food 500 G

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any member know where have sell cheapest 500G ( sinking pellets fish food ) samll pellet size!
my Id shark ( 11 inch ) like eatting from the bottom , cat fish and my turule same too, but they eat crazy, so need looking cheapest ( sinking pellets fish food ) for them, i checking today KingEd & Fraser Aquarium, they sell expensive over $30 for 500 G, i just need the cheapest one,
if know please pm me,! before i bought the one 500 G for gold fish sinking pellets food just $12 bucks only, but cant find it now!
thks , have a good day! :)


any member know where have this goldfish pellets food!( sinking pellets fish food )
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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