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LF: Invasive species

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Looking for any Invasive species (freshwater) around the world
Looking to get a pair or more for bio project

Thank you

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Are youuuuu going to release it into the wild when you're done? :)
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if it makes it that far...

in all serious, obviously not, plus they will be cool pets to keep afterwards
I can get you some pikeminnows if you're interested
Hi there, you may be interested in my slide presentation on aquatic invasive species survey results for your Bio project. Here's the link: Did You Flush? The 2015 BC Aquarium Enthusiasts Survey Results
I am also working on invasive species for my Master's research, so let me know if you want to bounce ideas or discuss things further.
Good luck with your project.
Would you care to give us a little more information on what exactly you plan to do with them? If we knew what your project design was we might be able to help you a little more
I think any species of fish/invertebrates we have, including gold fish are invasive species when released into our waters, streams, and lakes.

Even if the fish die it may be a host of other 'things' that may attack our local plants and animals/environment.
Want something invasive get marbled crayfish. They never stop and Crays have invaded a few local lakes

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my kids picked crayfish the from the creek that runs under KG highway near Cloverdale paint store in Surrey
Thanks for the help guys, I ended up getting some Channa limbata's from a local member. Although not the Channa argus, they share similarities and traits that would be interesting to research on. For anyone interested I am looking for their diet patterns and limitations (what they refuse to ingest). They have been known to be aggressive but I want to put that to the test and see if there are any species of fish foreign to them that they will not be interested in consuming
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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