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LF: Killifish

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Looking for a trio of each of the following killifish. I'd like to set up a killifish tank but killifish are hard to come by and eggs are just out of my expertise to grow at the moment.

Fundulopanchax gardneri
Aphyosemion australe
rachovii beira

Would be nice to get them all at once as a package, rather than run all over town.
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Noah's Ark is usually a hit or miss for me, mostly miss.

I'm probably going to go to a future killifish society meeting but the problem is they have unusual meet times, every second Monday in the evenings and it's usually somewhere far from Vancouver, out in Maple Ridge or Delta, just far from the lower mainland. Those meet times are tough for me to attend. I've already contacted guppygeorge to see if he can relay my message to the killifish society members and see if anyone there can meet in person during the day, but I haven't had anyone contact me yet.
Hi Joe. Still working on it. I have contacted some of our members and I think that we will be able to give you a couple of the species that you are looking for. Our next meeting is Monday, March 14th, and if I can track down these species, I will get the members to bring them to our meeting. I will p.m., e-mail or text you before I go to the meeting to confirm that you want me to pick up the species available...
Noah's Pet Ark is great, they take amazing care of their stock. Picked up some threadfin rainbows from them last March, they had been feeding them newly hatched BBS. Always worth the time/effort to look around the store and they usually bring in lots of small, colourful species, killies being no exception.
Graham, the owner of Noahs is a member of our club and usually does have some killies. You could check him out and see if he has any of the species that you want. Let me know if you find anything.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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