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Looking to buy low tech plants for a decent price depending on what they are. Comment what you have in quantity and how much for each. Prefer to pick up within the Richmond area but willing to meet up somewhere I guess.

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I have either 2 baseball or two softball sized (will check in morning) Java moss for $20(can do smaller amount for smaller price),

About 4-5 golf ball size portions of Subwassertang(not too sure) $2.50/golf ball size

I will check my Cyrptocorynes in the morning to see if I have any babies. Price depending on size and type.

Stem or two of Mayaca Fluviatilis (I had it under low light originally)
clipping or two of guppy grass
Parrot feather clipping
Small portion of hydrocolyte Trippiarita (cool planted by strand sparse under low light as it creeps up)
Water Sprite clippings

I will see what else I have when I get up.

I am located in Cloverdale, but I may be able to meet at skytrain. PM me if interested. :)
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