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LF: MALE L264 Sultan & L134 Leopard Frog Plecos

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Like the title says, I'm looking for a male L264 & L134. My females are large & full of eggs & need mates, unfortunately my male L264 passed away last year & have had a hard time finding another. If you have either one or know someone who might have one please let me know.

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Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Terrestrial animal Snout
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I think i have 2 male L134(NOT 100% SURE about their sex). Keep them almost 2 years and they never mate. Will let them go for the same price when i bought em. 70 for the pair or 40 ea
sorry i cant get those plecos out of the tank. i dont want to rescape my planted aquarium.
Pleco trap time! Water bottle or pop bottle with opening to suit size of pleco. Cut top off about 2" down from top, turn it around and stuff it back into bottle, and shazam, instant pleco trap. I punch a few small holes to let air escape, tie a string to it so I don't have to reach into tank, and put a small weight into bottle to sink it faster. Bait it with their favorite food, algae wafer works for my pleco's, and it doesn't take long. Especially if you starve em for a couple days! Saves ripping apart a planted show tank. I'll bring a trap over, a few beers, and $50, and catch em for ya!!!:bigsmile:
I usually catch mine while they are in the caves.

Still looking & would take more than 1 of each if available.

Would also like another L91 Three Beacon if anyone has any.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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