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LF: Montmorillonite

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i am looking for Montmorillonite this rock
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Its a clay as best I understand...Is there spose to be a pic of a particular rock that we should be able to see? If its the clay you want I have access to it:) Its used in beauty facial stuff so I can get in bulk.. Ill check my catalogues and make sure im thinking of the right stuff..

something like this Google

and this Google
mineral rock for CRS

I still have a few pieces left. $0.15 per gram these are the ones from Japan. Each piece ranges from 15-30grams
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It's chalk. Like in the cliffs of Dover. Montmorillonite is the clay which is a swelling clay. If you put montmorillonite into your tank, it would be a cloudy mess. It's used along with bentonite to aid in hole stability when drilling in oil and minerals. Probably more geology than you wanted to know, but I didn't want people to put montmorillonite into their tanks and kill all their shrimp.
oh!!!... i thought it is a rock... ahhaa coz they said it wont melt in water~~!!

So if my substract is Eco complete, do i still need the mineral rocks?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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