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Ok so a couple years back, Walmart was selling bulbs to grow in your tank. Thinking it was a cool idea, I decided to pay the $2 and give one a try.


2 months later, the plant was absolutely gorgeous and huge. It turned into a red-coloured, broad leafed plant that was a fast grower and survived in my minimally lit tank.

Recently, I decided that it is high time I redecorated and give my main community tank a 'facelift', so to speak. I headed to Walmart only to find out that they no longer sell the bulbs :(

So... Does anyone know where I can find similar bulbs for sale at such a reasonable price? I am hesitant to spend $8 per plant at my LFS because I definitely do not have a green thumb, which is why I like to stick with things I know work.

If anyone has any ideas or has seen these for sale, please let me know :D
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