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LF Pleco's List inside

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I am coming from Victoria this weekend & am looking for a few Pleco's.

Male L66 King Tiger
Male 134 Leopard Frog
Male L264 Sultan
Any L204 Flash
Any L239 Blue Panaque
Any L142 Snowball

If anyone has any on my list or knows where I might find any please PM me.

Thank you.
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Contact April's aquarium, she is also here on BCA. She can also special order for you
L204 is out of season.
L142 is actually in a banned exporting list as far as i know.
L239, I can get. How many?

Patrick might be able to part out part of his breeding group. Send him a msg for L66.
Spencer Jack has the Sultans and he ships Canada wide.
And I think Dave has L134.

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I've got a male L-066 if you want one.
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Thanks everyone, I have lead on a few on my list, if anyone has or knows where to get Pleco's in lower mainland let me know asap.

Thank you.
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