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LF Rare Moss

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Hi, I'm looking for all types of rare moss. If anybody has some that they are willing to put in the mail and send to Calgary that would be awesome! Of course I would be willing to pay all costs associated with shipping. I have a few rare plants that I would be willing to trade as well.
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Specifics in what you consider 'rare moss' would help your plight.



Tankful in Vancouver!
Good point, Stuff Like this, I have found a couple sources outside of Canada, But I can't get the proper documentation on their end. Hopefully I can find some of the moss on this list in Canada. Or perhaps someone one here might know of a source that can be imported legally?

fontinalis duriae , fontinalis hypnoides , fontinalis antypiretica, fontinalis gigantea
fissidens toshua, fissidens zippelianus, fissidens adianthoides ,fissidens nobilis, fissidens mini nobilis, fissidens polyphyllus, fissidens crassipes, fissidens fox, fissidens dubius toshua,fissidens sp. thailand triangle,
jungermania pseudocyclop
Hanegoke sp. Cameroun / Plagiochcila sp. Cameroun
Queen Moss
wave moss
Amblystegiaceae manaus "Queen moss"
jungermania truncata
jungermania jade lotos
Taxiphyllum mini java
TaCallicostella sp. „Gunung Sumpit”
Callicostella sp. „Pancuraji”
Callicostella prabiaktana
Fontinalis sp. „Nord Thailand”
Pilotrichaceae sp. „Pilo moss”
Leptodictyum riparium
Leptodictyum sp.
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