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LF small aquarium -5 gallons or so

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Looking for a small aquarium kit (about 3 - 6 gallons) in great shape. Please forward photo with asking price.
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I bought the Top Fin 5 gallon at Pet Smart on sale for $50.The filter and light are connected to one plug in.The light is OK for low light plants and filter keeps water clear.If you want to see some pictures PM me your number and I will text you back.I keep shrimp in it and don't use a heater.
I have a Rubbermaid bin full of decor and what not included are two small aquariums around 3-5 gallons. $30 for the lot.check my thread.
PM sent

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Thanks all. I have a lot of extra aquarium myself;). I think 6 gallons may be too big for my daughter's needs. Thanks though
Hi superbay, may I get an idea on condition of tank,what's included? pic? thanks!
I got a 2.5g glass tank with lights and built in internal filter chamber. Pm if interested.
Hoping for something more of a complete kit. Thanks superbay!
Hi Mega
PM'd you. Look forward to hearing from you. thanks!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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