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Now, I know many of us hobbyist (I assume) don’t abuse fish for the most part, and care about the life that we keep in our tanks, beautifully aquascaped glass portraits, etc. But perhaps you have friends or family who are keeping bettas and treating them as little more than home decor in a small glass jar, or tiny bowl some colourful gravel.

I’m just putting it out there. If you have know someone with a betta worth rescuing, and you feel able to convince them to give up their fish, or maybe they are bored of it already, please msg me! I’m not being cheap, I am willing to pay. I have set up a beautiful home for a single betta, so preferably a male. I don’t care what breed it is either.

Please text if you know of someone interested in getting rid of their betta from a subpar environment. It sounds crazy and Canada doesn’t appear to have betta rescue operations, but the US does. Go figure.


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