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Hello everyone,

This is a long shot but I'd like to see if anyone could help me pick up a desk and bring it back to my place.

I'll gladly pay you in the form of cash, beer, leftover aquarium equipment, etc.

I know this is super short notice but just figured I'd reach out to this community since I know some of you guys have big cars to move those big tanks :p

The desk is 6.5' L x 2'W and I plan on meeting the guy tomorrow (Tues July 7th) at around 11 am (time is flexible).

He's located in Vancouver at Boundary and Hastings and I'm located in Burnaby near Canada way and Imperial St.

Please let me know. Call/text me at 604-653-8627 if you can help. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Anyways, hope everyone is still having great fun with the hobby!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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