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Hello All

As you might be aware, I had set up a 30 gallon tank at my son's school. The tank is now fully functional with live plants and some endlers given generously by some of our forum members. It now has a nice T5 HO light with dual tubes for the plants. The students are very excited and look forward to their science period to catch a glimpse of the tank and the inmates, lol.
Thanks once again to all who contributed towards this tank.

Now, looking for some more fish to add to the endlers family possibly neon tetras, rasboras and other peaceful/compatible fishes. If your tank is over crowded or you plan to change to a cichlid /saltwater tank and want to give away your fish I would be happy to pick them up for the school tank.

You can pm me and I will reply with my contact number.
Thanks for reading
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