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I'm getting out of the hobby temporarily due to a move and need to sell everything. I would prefer not to part out and won't sell any in-use equipment until all fish are sold.

90 Gallon set-up: $500 [currently in use]

Standard tank (some minor scratches 7/10 condition)
Stand - Metal stand that's wrapped with wood for aesthetics
Glass tops
48" LED beamswork quad double bright light (I believe its 54x10000k and 18x acintic all 1 watt)
Rena XP XL (xp4)
AC 70
Fusion 7000 air pump w/ 2x size 4 sponge
Eheim jager 250W heater
Optional aragonite (fine sized) sand with crushed coral --- Full of trumpet snails
Egg crate for bottom

55 Gallon set-up: $225 [currently in use]

Standard 55 galklon tempered glass tank (9/10 condition) ------pending-------
Wood stand
Plastic tops (2x tops with center brace)
2x Light fixtures (only one works, other may need a new ballast)
Penguin bio-wheel 350
Aqueon pro 200w heater (only a couple months old)
Crushed coral/aragonite sand mixture
Egg crate for bottom

29 Gallon tank: $30 (available now)
Holds water but has a bit of a chip from the side, comes with a lid and working light

Available soon:
About 70-80 lbs of Mexican bowl rock, mix of large and medium pieces - $100
About 400 lbs of (I believe) Brohm bassalt - $50 all fairly large pieces

Available now:
Bucket of 15-20lbs of crushed coral - $15
Two buckets worth of natural looking gravel - $5 each bucket if you bring your own bucket otherwise $8 e
250ml bottle of seachem flourish (75% full) - $8
API master freshwater test kit - 98% full - $20

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Going to try and sell it as a set up first but if it doesn't sell after the live stock is sold I'll certainly consider it
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