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hi everyone im taring down my 55gal planted tank
i forgot to put the only snails in the tank with the plants & driftwood are assasion snails & i have doezens of babys in there that you might get a few with the driftwoods & palnts
so i have a lot of plants for sale im not sure of there names
Im just going to post a few pics of plants & the drift woods i have left for sale
i have a lot of pices of driftwood & palnts that this post will not let me put up

plant pics for sale 005.jpg
for there's 2 plants you get all the plants shown in the pic for the price of $8

plant pics for sale 006.jpg
for anubis on driftwood im asking $15

plant pics for sale 007.jpg
for the big driftwood here i payed $60 for it would like $50 for it

plant pics for sale 008.jpg
crypts im asking $5 each i have 8 of them

plant pics for sale 012.jpg
this big plant i have no clue as its name make me a offer for it if you want it

if you want any of theses items please call me at (604)302-9337 im home most of this weekend
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