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Lots of stuff for sale - Surrey

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Serious offers only. Everything is discounted already.
Pick up in Surrey.

2 Bottles of Prime Water Conditioner. Opened but both full. Filled it up with the rest what I had left.

$15 each or $25 for both

Fusion Air Pump (Model 500) + Petcetera Air Pump
2 Air-pumps, plus air hose and air stones
$15 for all

Sponge Filter brand new for 30 Gallons I believe

Miscellaneous Items:
2 Breeder Net, Clout Meds (full), Ick Attack full, Melafix (1 quater full), 5 Fish Net small to large, NLS (less than a quater full), Hikari Cichlid Staple (open but full), Test kits, Ammonia, PH Nitrate (quater full)

$20 for all

Artificial Sea Grass, Coconut Shells, Canister full of sea shells
1 Extra Large Shell
$15 for all

Egg Tumblers
2 Home made Egg tumblers
$12.50 each or $20 for both
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i am interested in the heater if you still have it.
got it. let me know when you wanna come by.
Would you be willing to sell one power head for $25? I only need one fo my tank.
Powerheads and filter sold
are the air pumps still around? also the sponge filter?
Yes. still got it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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