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Marm meets plant

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I got a water hyacinth the other day, and already there were a couple shoots big enough to pinch off. So I put a shoot in a couple of my other tanks.
Marmaduke wasn't so sure about it. He actually started flaring at it! First time I've seen him flare.
Didn't get a pic of him flaring, but got a couple of other decent pics.

And managed to sneak this pic of him resting on his fake plant hammock.
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Thanks guys ^_^

Dustman - I love his eyes too! Here's a closeup shot of his eye:

Thanks Planteds :) It was his colour that totally attracted me to him. Wasn't looking for another betta, didn't have a spare tank, but things just seemed to align and, well, there he is :D
I call his colour "dirty orange dalmatian" :D
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