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Hey, I have a 160 gal and 30 gal setup to go. Neither is complete but all has to go.

160 gal acrylic tank, 72"x30"x18" (1/2") no stand
UV filter
2 Little Giant pumps
Several pails of coral gravels and rock
Berlin protein skimmer
Hood cover with lights
Odds and ends

This was set up prior to coming into my possession, as there was no stand I put it off, but never got around to following through to completion.

30 gal. Glass tank.
Protein skimmer
Fluval 404 pump
lights and some odds and ends.

This was running, lost interest.

I have pics available if needed.

Not really interested in parting out, want this all to go as a package.

Been sitting in the basement for far too long, moving and need it all gone.

Would like $650.00 for everything, but open to offers.

Please PM or email me calimar at telus dot net

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