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month long vacation

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Im planning on a 1 month long vacation coming up in November.
Sad to say, but i do keep a overstocked 125g community tank... But it works ;)

Currently im doing 1x/wk 50% water changes and everything is at bay with no issues for years.

I have a autofeeder that i can setup to drop minimal amount of pellets, so im not too worried about the feeding part.

I am however worried about the water changing part.
I could get a relative to come over weekly or once every 2 weeks to do a wc for me (pre setup the phython and all), but none of them really know what theyre doing and im scared theyll wreck havoc!

How bad would i be if i went from what im doing now to not doing a water change for one month?????
Im thinking maybe no wc for a month and get a relative to just top up the water everytime they come over... Any ideas?
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Try it out first while your here. Dont do any w/c starting now and see what happens
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