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month long vacation

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Im planning on a 1 month long vacation coming up in November.
Sad to say, but i do keep a overstocked 125g community tank... But it works ;)

Currently im doing 1x/wk 50% water changes and everything is at bay with no issues for years.

I have a autofeeder that i can setup to drop minimal amount of pellets, so im not too worried about the feeding part.

I am however worried about the water changing part.
I could get a relative to come over weekly or once every 2 weeks to do a wc for me (pre setup the phython and all), but none of them really know what theyre doing and im scared theyll wreck havoc!

How bad would i be if i went from what im doing now to not doing a water change for one month?????
Im thinking maybe no wc for a month and get a relative to just top up the water everytime they come over... Any ideas?
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really depends on stock level, type of stocks, if the tank is planted, or not...

Sometimes feeding less and keep light off and cover the tank is good (no plant tank) so fish is not at active stage. No food = no waste. Or once a week feeding mininal is good as well.
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