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Wink Most Experts Agree that Live Brine Shrimp is the Best Food.
Live Adult Brine Shrimp is now available at:

Noah's Pet Ark.

2886 W. Broadway.

V6K 2G7

604 736 9517.

[email protected]

Graham is one of the most decent person I have had the opportunity to know.

Everyone enjoy.

Also the neighborhood is a gem (kind of like a Whistler Village ambience).:lol:

Only $3.00 a bag.

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Claim? It's stated clearly in the forum rules for anyone with the initiative to read them.

Not being a forum sponsor and spamming the boards gets you banned. Period.
What she wrote.;)

All spam threads are now closed or deleted. Spammer has been given a temporary ban (3 days) for first infraction of anti-spam rules.

On a brighter note, Happy Easter!

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