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I do not have the space in my new place for my 29gal.
I need it gone ASAP and here are its contents.

2 Large rocks courtesy of /u/algaebeater
1 Piece of driftwood courtesy of /u/jhj0112
Various trimmings of plants mainly from /u/algaebeater (and you know how good his crypts are).
1 Aquaclear 50
1 Rena 150W heater
1 Coralife Light Fixture (28") (It overhangs but works for me)
1 Stand (Used to be a TV stand - Looks good, lots of storage, and holds the weight).
Acid buffer, flourish, trace, mineralize, excel, other various fish things I won't need as well.

$120 - No dropoff
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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