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I'd like to welcome Corwin Luke (Fish_Man) to BCAQUARIA as our latest and greatest sponsor.

Here is a little information about him and his company.

My Bio

I want to take this opportunity to thank BC Aquaria for a great forum. This hobby and forum would not be what it is, without the hard work of all the moderators and those behind the scenes to make this all possible. My hope this that we can all learn and exchange information that we can all benefit, to make this even a better hobby than it already is. So, on behalf of Munster Tanks, I am flattered to be a sponsor on such a great forum!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Corwin Luke. I have been in the Aquarium Hobby since I was 10 years old, when my parents first introduced me to the hobby with a 33 Gallon aquarium. My experience in this hobby grew over several years.
After several years in the hobby, I noticed that there was a lack of good quality Japanese Koi available in Canada, so I decided to make this hobby a business and became an importer and trans-shipper of high-quality Japanese Koi direct from Japan.
I then did what I think a lot of people end up doing. I left the hobby for an undetermined and indefinite 'break'. Actually, I ended up taking a 10 year hiatus from this hobby. The funny thing is that it seems that I am not the only one who takes a break from the hobby. I have found that many do.

From 1995-2000, I joined PPG Canada Inc. as a Key Account Manager, Glass Products. I was very lucky and fortunate to be part of PPG Canada Inc., which is one of the world's largest glass manufacturers and the inventor of 'Starphire Glass'. I was very fortunate to be a part of an industry breakthrough, to promote glass that was superior and clear. This product offered an alternative to the normal float glass that has been used for many years. One of the main characteristics of this everyday glass is the green edges. 'Starphire Glass' by PPG has edges that are clear, which has absolutely no visible coloring on the edge. This is possible through a special manufacturing process, utilizing a low iron content. As you know, glass in general has many applications and fish keeping is one of them.
So, with my experiences in the hobby and working knowledge of glass, I have decided to take the plunge and help out the hobby in a different way. I have decided to offer premium quality aquariums to my fellow aquarists.
I recently returned to the hobby and joined the BC Aquaria forum in August of 2009. I have met, spoken and visited several fellow BC Aquaria homes and am flattered to be able to be part of this 'cult' we call the aquarium hobby.
My hope is to contribute as much as I can, sponsoring this site as Munster Tanks. My experience in this hobby and also in the Glass Industry has created a passion for the hobby that I want to be able to share with and help others. As a sponsor, I hope to contribute as much as I can, as I am still constantly learning as well.
I look forward to helping you out in any way possible for inquiries regarding fish tanks, aquariums, water homes, or whatever you want to call them.

Corwin Luke
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