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My Africans have bloat - Clout ok for plecos?

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I've had slow deaths about 2 per week from bloat in my mixed African Cichlid tank. Oddly enough, its the dominant males of each species that go first. My Haps and peacocks and plecos are all fine and normal though.

They are in a 120G, always 0 ammonia and nitrites, 17 gh. 80 degrees F.

I want to treat the tank with Clout, but I don't want to risk killing my plecos in doing so.

Any suggestions on course of action would be appreciated:)
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epsom salts and stop feeding them so much, and feed them a lower protein/higher vegetable based diet. NLS is only 36% protein where most are like 42%, try that or a diet really high in spirulina.

the dominant males are probably going first because they are fighting for the lions share of the food.

you could also try feeding less but more often. i feed mine 3-4x a day but only what they can eat in 30 seconds to a minute.

hope this helps, and good luck. sorry i cant recommend medications i dont know much about clout as ive never used/purchased/needed it. but according this it is a good treatment for bloat How to avoid and cure Malawi Bloat. - - The #1 Resource for Cichlid Information
Thanks for replying. I use Epsom salts and Marine salt regularly to maintain GH. Funny thing is I only started having fish die of bloat since I started NLS, before that I was feeding Ken's Fish Spirulina flakes which have about 10% more protein than NLS.
I used Clout when I was trying to kill of Argulus (there was a thread on the old forum). I had no problems with my bigger stronger plecos, but lost a few L239. A lot depends on what kind of plecos you have. What are you stocking? Based on the fact that this is an African tank, I'm assuming you have Bristlenose? If so, I wouldn't think there'd be a problem.
Thanks Gary, I was looking for this kind of real world experience. I have 2x 7" royals, a green phantom 5", a 3" and a 8" Vampire, and 4" Orange Seam pleco. They're all still very active at night.
Does bloat ever go away or does it have to be treated?
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