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What are some ideas that I can usein making a cave for a 9" pleco?
I've currently got burrito caves, pvc and driftwood caves for my smaller plecos and clown loaches. What are some other options I can use for my 9" pleco? Don't really want larger pvc's as the look too artificial.
Thinking of gluing some larger pieces of slate together, but we're can I find a good selection of bigger slates??

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If you are mobile look for some layered rocks that you split off some flat pieces.
with a hammer and a bit of work you may be able to stack/pile them to create caves.

I've also had good luck with bamboo tubes/sections.

I also made my own by rolling PVC pipe covered with a layer of silicone/aquarium safe, in gravel pebbles or sand.
allow 48 hours for off gassing drying.

wince wash well, I like to leave it is some of my water change - used to help with beneficial bacteria
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