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I have a friend in Las Vegas with a tank and fish keeping dying recently, from what I have gathered the tank is cycled, no ammonia or nitrite present, and it's only started to happen recently after a period of no issues.

I have not encountered this sort of issue before, so I can't really provide much to him.

He has a mix of your typical community fish and a pleco, still waiting on specific fish types.

ph is 6, and KH is going between 0-40.

I've never had a ph that low, so unsure if it's too low for the fish, or if there is instability, which there seems to be with the fluctuating KH?

I've kept fish a long time, but I can't say this is anything I have experienced or had to try and correct.

Any suggestions?

I'll update with more info as I receive it, this is just all I have at the moment.
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