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Due to some on-going issues and concerns of our members and mod team, we've added an additional rule to posting to the Classifieds section:

Rule #11)LF defined as Looking For. Do not post ads Looking for Free Fish\Equipment with the intention of selling them. You can respond to a For Free ad, however don't take advantage of someone's good nature by taking fish for free to make profit on them at a later time. This is not allowed and will be dealt with respectively. If you are posting a Looking For (FREE "stuff") it must be for charitable reasons, and the mod team and community will assist with any support possible to make it happen.

Looking For ads for animals\goods that are illegally brought into Canada, even if it is not unlawful to possess in your City\Province will not be tolerated. You're ad will be closed immediately and you will be given a warning\infraction, either privately and\or publicly. This is going to be strictly enforced.


This additional rule should be easy to follow and we'll be enforcing both aspects of it strictly. If you see\experience anyone breaching this or any other of the rules, please report the post or PM a moderator.

If you haven't already seen the Classifieds Posting Rules yet, please take the time to familiarize yourself with them.

Thank you,
Chris - Mod team
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