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Well, last night I stayed late and landed all these beauties! The shipment overall arrived very strong and today the fish looked amazing. Standouts would be the XL Snakeskin Gouramis (which I nicknamed Stretch Limo Gouramis lol), the Gold and Opaline Gouramis are very very nice and thick too, and the Paradise Fish are stunning! We have a pretty well stocked up fish room right now so make sure you come grab some fish while they're still available! For anyone wondering about the Ram cichlids, our last order we had a pricing error so the Electric Blue Rams were WAY cheaper than they should have been, so lucky you to whoever grabbed them lol. The pricing for them and other rams are still very good and I'm sure they won't be in store long :) No photos right now, they wouldn't do these guys justice! I'll take some video when I'm in on Monday though.

assorted discus 6.5cm
gold ram cichlid medium/lg
gold veil ram cichlid medium/lg
holland blue ram medium/lg
electric blue ram medium
bolivian ram 5cm
platinum blue variegated guppy male
assorted endler males
assorted lyretail swordtail
orange fin dalmatian molly
assorted sailfin molly male
black lace angel large
golden angel large
koi angel medium
black veil angel medium
leopard veil angel medium
albino neon tetra
neon serpae tetra
glowlight tetra xl
head & tail light tetra
buenos aires tetra
colombian tetra
assorted spiny eel 11cm
neon rosy barb male
spanner t-barb
roseline shark
gold gourami large
opaline gourami large
snakeskin gourami xl
red gold honey dwarf gourami (beautiful and bright orange)
paradise fish xl
pepper corydora
julii corydora
albino red eye sailfin pleco

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What size are the pepper Cory? :)
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