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I'm placing a new order..for the mia one. to arrive next Wednesday night. September 2nd. hard to believe..we are back in September!!
heres options..for bag lots. or other ideas? pintail or spiketail paradise on the list. haven't seen those listed yet.
no panda hope the next list and country. my supplier rotates countries.
heres what I'm hoping to order
galaxy rasboras
fortail furcate rainbows
bosmai rainbows
sterbai cories
cherry shrimp
red eye santa clause swordtails
platinum pearlscale red eye angels
blue red cheek angels
blue cherry shrimp
L144 golden bushynose.
assortred orandas
pearlscale goldfish
rose red discus
red turk discus. these are fish farm not hand picked. luck of the draw. : )
oh..and..swordtail characin is on the list!! so heres hoping!!

other order..added.remember..some could short. ill confirm when I get my invoice
electric blue acara
Siamese glass fish Chandra wolffi
rummyose tetra
denisoni barb
neon blue gourami
pearl gourami
paradise fish not pintail
Siamese algae eater
parkisoni rainbows
pearl danio
black scissortail rasbora
galaxy rasbora
german ram
bolivian ram
American flag fish
clown loach . preordered.
blue neon angelfish
assorted orandas
tiger shrimp
gold apple snail
black apple snail

should be enough for everyone!!

already arrived. ottos
L144 coming tomorrow
pecklita catfish
tiger barbs and dalmation mollies
brown bushynoses.

any bag lot requests?

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ok as far as I know..ordered...I'm having trouble attaching files since I downloaded windows 10 . grrrr.. might have to stick to the faithful ipad .
so..hopefully I got enough stuff for everyones desires..if week different stuff. order is cut off for now.
American flag fish and plants will be the next order.

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Thanks again April for doing this. It's awesome being able to make requests and get exactly what you want! A fantastic idea.
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