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Hello all,

Been lurking for a bit, I'm a beginner-average level aquarist compared to the experts here, haha. Bit of my fish keeping story:

  • Had goldfish as a kid with pearl gouramis and a common pleco in the same 29 gallon-ish tank, I remember scooping out and rinsing substrate as part of the tank cleaning with my dad... oh my!
  • Kept some jarrariums with snails and shrimp from a local creek when I lived in Hong Kong. Also kept some mosquito fish I netted from the same creek in a large vase hahaha..
  • Then got a proper tank about 45 gals JUWEL RIO180 with blood red parrot cichlids, loved those guys they have the best behaviour! Learned many lessons keeping them, basics of cycling, chems, monitoring water, weekly maintenance etc this is where I researched a lot
  • Also had 7 gal cube with a lovely betta that I rescued, guy lived its life fully and died of old age, would jump at me and could feed it with chopsticks etc. Still kept some shrimps and snails
  • Relocated across the world and was out of the hobby for a bit, now have a 90gal tank (biggest yet) a used Fluval Osaka 320 I believe, splurged on a FX6 and some pricey hardscape, been working on this community tank. Currently it has 1 EBA, 1 angelfish (rehomed the other 5 over time I initially bought hahaha they spawned and fought over territories etc), small schools of neons and rummynose, small shoals of sterbai and bandit(?) cories, and 2 pictus cats!

Thanks for reading and thanks for having me!
JUWEL tanks are European I think, pretty rare in N America to see them. I remember their high level of finishing, especially the canopies.

Welcome to the forum. It's a pretty quiet place these days, as are most online "forums" these days, but if you post a question I'm fairly sure you will get a response. :)
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